HKUST’s core values form the guiding principles for our institutional development, and shape our distinctive culture. These values have been distilled from University-wide insights and contributions, gathered through multiple rounds of consultation.

In the implementation of our Strategic Plan, we look to our core values to steer us through decision-making and bring our campus community together:

  • Excellence, Integrity, and Academic Freedom

    The University is committed to be a leader in academic world through excellence in teaching, research and people, while placing utmost value in the freedom to conduct academic activities, subject to the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty.

  • Global Vision and Local Commitment

    The University positions itself as a focused elite research university at the cutting edge in all target fields of pursuit with global influence. We bring together global thought leaders to foster interaction, and partner with government, business and industry, to make significant contribution to the economic and social development both locally and nationally. In addition, we encourage and commend our faculty, staff and students to dedicate themselves to service to the local community.

  • Can-do Spirit

    The University stands for the can-do spirit with responsibility and integrity. We cherish entrepreneurial and innovative thinking for solutions to problems in daily work. We cultivate a community characterized by the traits of risk-taking, willingness to overcome challenges, innovativeness, creativeness, and trust in one-self. This also implies that the University provides an environment for students and faculty to pursue entrepreneurship.

  • Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Respect

    The University values and respects the differences of individuals, whether they are of different race, gender, cultural backgrounds, religion, personal interests and in other dimensions, and strives to embrace these diverse forces to foster an inclusive and caring environment. This will allow us to harness the richness of ideas and perspectives for the benefit of the whole community.

  • 1-HKUST

    The entire HKUST family work together as an integrated and holistic team. By bringing together the different ideas and roles of our people (students, faculty, staff, alumni, Council/Court, and friends of HKUST) and strengths of different academic and professional disciplines, we strive to make the whole of our university’s mission bigger than the sum of its parts.