The Hon Andrew C S Liao, GBS, SC, JP
Chairman, University Council
Prof Wei Shyy

HKUST is a very special university, having achieved wide recognition as a focused elite research university with strong global reputation in education and research. We are proud to be leading this remarkable institution into the next phase of development through the implementation of the University Strategic Plan since 2016.

Advancing from the substantial platform of accomplishment established by the University’s preceding road maps, the HKUST Strategic Plan highlights fresh areas of focus to harness and optimize the changing times, and specific objectives to steer actions. It is the result of wide engagement over two years with members of the University and local community, including valuable contributions from the Council and Court.

In summary, we seek to be recognized as:

  • A University of choice for talents, attractive to the best global minds
  • A leader in education and research, setting the trends for future
  • A powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship, evidenced by the successes of our faculty, students, and alumni
  • An exemplar of best-in-class standards, practices, and operations, as an agile and effective organization
  • A champion of diversity, to build an inclusive and collaborative community

The University has built a reputation for pace-setting endeavor and attainment. The next five years will provide a significant window in which to take ownership of the evolving landscape in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as education and research. Higher education institutions are increasingly expected to participate in and make an impact on society through knowledge transfer, technology advances and solutions, and business development, the new Strategic Plan will serve to facilitate HKUST in meeting needs of the society.

Through our Strategic Plan, drawn from the collective knowledge of the HKUST family, we intend to aim high, leap boundaries, and be bold in our endeavors. We seek to bring together the best minds and talents to work together at our inspiring campus and to go out into the world to improve people’s lives.