Hong Kong stands in the unique position of a truly international city with
strong East-West elements, and a strategic gateway to Mainland China.
Similarly, HKUST has established global distinction as a university of science and
technology with a highly international orientation in focus, reach and impact. We intend to fully leverage on China’s ambitious plans and investment in education, in particular in science and technology, while at the same time retaining HKUST’s international outlook.
  Foster a number of targeted partnerships and collaboration initiatives in each major geographical location, with differentiated partnership purposes and strategies to increase our research and academic capacity, and to enhance our international prestige and reputation; implement programs to aggressively and proactively recruit the best international students and faculty.
  Enhance HKUST’s branding profile by planning and executing a number of global initiatives of strategic importance, including promoting of faculty achievements and insights to overseas businesses and venture capitalists, organizing entrepreneur-showcases, and developing value adding event-led promotional activities.
  Extend our presence and impact in the Mainland, through developing partnerships with selected universities and cities, particularly in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region, promoting our brand with the government, public and media, developing relationships with enterprises and entrepreneurs in China and enhancing student recruitment efforts.