Providing a high quality education experience is HKUST’s most important mission.
In building up towards the four-year undergraduate educational program, we will enhance
both in-class and out-of-class learning. We will further emphasize the holistic development of both our undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  Promote a scholar-teacher culture, placing emphasis on both teaching and research excellence for our faculty by strengthening recognition and reward mechanisms and development programs.
  Plan and successfully implement the transition to the four-year undergraduate academic programs, including school-based admission and flexible degree programs; a broad-based University Common Core; signature courses; capstone experiences for all four-year undergraduates; and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.
  Strengthen HKUST’s emphasis on interdisciplinary and international perspectives, including flexible degree programs, international academic exchanges; internship opportunities and a co-op (extended internships) pilot.
  Engender holistic development of our students by strengthening efforts in community service, personal development, residential experience; and relevant transferrable skills.
  Strengthen student recruitment, support and service efforts.
  Dean of HKUST Fok Ying Tung
Graduate School Prof Lionel Ni
(from left): Director of Interdisciplinary Program Office Prof Chi-ming Chan, Dean of Science Prof Nancy Ip,
Dean of Business and Management Prof Leonard Cheng, Dean of Humanities and Social Science Prof James Lee,
Provost Prof Wei Shyy, Dean of Engineering Prof Khaled Ben Letaief, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
Prof Kar-yan Tam