As an international, knowledge-based society, Hong Kong’s
success lies in the quality of its people and their ability to adapt to
the environment and seize new opportunities. As a higher education
institution in Hong Kong, we must continually embrace a highly
international perspective and culture, factors that make Hong Kong a

(from left)
Second President Prof Paul Chu
President Prof Tony F Chan
Founding President Prof Chia-Wei Woo
thriving global city. We must keep our sights affixed on our unique and vital role as a science and technology university in the Pearl River Delta, and leverage on China’s ambitious plans and investment in education, research and economic development.

In this regard, we are committed to continue striving for excellence in science, technology, business, and humanities and social science studies; train future innovators and entrepreneurs who are not only brilliant academics but also ethically responsible leaders; and to forge new frontiers and contribute to the betterment of the society. Going forward in the next decade, we aspire to bring our achievements to the next level, working as an entire community “Towards Our Next Miracle”.