To fully realize our vision and
collective excellence, the entire HKUST
family including the Council and Court, students,
alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters will work together
as an integrated and holistic team. As a focused and
relatively compact university, we have a flatter organizational
structure, more transparent decision-making, effective communication,
and simpler coordination of resources, which enable us to act collaboratively as one entity to make greater impact than each part can make on its own. We have coined the “1-HKUST” theme to succinctly encapsulate these rubrics, and to provide a framework for our collective aspirations, synergistic strengths and collaborative orientation.

  i. Education - Build a crossover model that magnifies the strengths of individual Schools and disciplines to prepare our students for the rapidly changing world.
  ii. Research - Further strengthen cross-disciplinary integration with teaching, and use our collective strengths to solve important societal problems.
  iii. Community Engagement - Mobilize our body of staff and students for outreach to various external stakeholders, and for knowledge transfer to industry and society.
  iv. Organization & Resources - Strengthen our collaborative structures and culture for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.